Lighting services.

Enhance our dynamic wireless ambient lighting services, perfect for transforming any space into a mesmerizing spectacle. Whether it’s a corporate gala, a birthday bash, or a charity fundraiser, our array of lighting options will elevate the ambiance and captivate your guests.

Imagine your venue bathed in bursts of vibrant light, effortlessly programmed to match your event’s theme and mood. Our wireless uplights are versatile, allowing placement in even the most challenging areas without the hassle of unsightly cables or trip hazards. With LED technology, safety is paramount, as these lights emit no heat and can last up to twelve hours on battery power alone.

For the dance floor, ignite the energy with our cutting-edge lighting rigs. Upgrade to our Totem package featuring state-of-the-art “moving head” lights atop illuminated totems, synchronized with professional LED floods to pulsate with the rhythm of the music. Want to take it further? Opt for our truss goal post system, complete with programmable moving heads and scanners, creating dynamic patterns to match your event’s theme.

From corporate soirées to festive celebrations, our lighting services will leave a lasting impression, turning any gathering into an unforgettable experience. Let us illuminate your event and set the stage for an extraordinary affair.

Light letters.

Personalise your event with your surname glowing in soft white light, visible by day or night.

Standing just over a meter tall these letters not only look beautiful at any Marbella venue but they also provide a wonderful photo opportunity for all your guests to remember your special day.

Alternatively you can create your own wedding message such as LOVE, PARTY, Mr & Mrs or even your initials.

These decorative illuminated letters are very popular for weddings or any party celebration and are great to even fill those empty corners of the venue!